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Article: The 23 Best Paint by Numbers Kits of May 2024 To Unleash Your Inner Artist

23 best paint by numbers kits of 2024

The 23 Best Paint by Numbers Kits of May 2024 To Unleash Your Inner Artist

The Best 23 Paint By Numbers Kits 

Best paint by numbers kits in 2024

Looking at getting started in the wonderful world of painting, we’ve listed our favorite paint by number sets for people of all ages and skill levels and have compiled that list below. 

  1. Custom Paint By Numbers Kit
  2. Numbered Roses
  3. Sunflowers Window Light
  4. Evergreen Snow Wonderland
  5. Lantern Lake
  6. Harmony Of Sunset
  7. Floral No. 61
  8. Trippy Floral Ensembles
  9. Green Library Retreat
  10. Sunlit Tranquility
  11. Floral No. 63
  12. Cozy Corner
  13. Colorful Bouquet
  14. Mediterranean Bouquet
  15. Whimsical Fields
  16. Abstract Mountain Harmony
  17. Floral No. 62
  18. Nightfall Pines
  19. Luscious Bouquet
  20. Rainy Coffee Shop
  21. Waterfall Cove
  22. Numeral Elegance
  23. Bubbly Moon Evening

The creative arts, specifically painting, have shown to be a fun activity but also have some surprising health benefits as well, which comes as no surprise to the audience at Craftoria Store.

Because it’s such a vital part of your mental health, we’ve compiled a list of our 23 best paint by numbers kits in 2024:


Best paint by numbers kits in 2024

Custom Paint By Numbers Kit 

Transform your favorite photos into beautiful art with customizable paint by numbers kits. In 3 simple steps, you can send a customized kit to your home and create your personalized painting. Just upload your image, wait 1-2 weeks for us to print and ship, unpack your image and begin painting.

 paint by number kits for adults

Numbered Roses Paint By Numbers

Create beautiful scenery for every room in your home with our numbered roses painted by number kits. Choose between 24, 36, or 48 colors, choose the original design, and once the package arrives, open it and get started. It’s that easy. 

paint by numbers custom

Sunflowers Window Light Paint By Numbers 

You don’t need to be Van Gogh to paint beautiful sunflowers. With our sunflower window light design, painters of all skills and ages can paint a stunning picture that sheds light on any room. These paint by number kits for adults, kids, and older adults are sure to bring hours of happiness. 

best paint by numbers kits in 2024

Evergreen Snow Wonderland Paint By Numbers

Our evergreen snow wonderland is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a more magical landscape to paint. And with our paint guarantee, you’ll have more paint than is necessary to complete your swirling masterpiece. 

paint by number sets

Lantern Lake Paint By Numbers

Imagine being on the water surrounded by a cavalcade of floating lanterns. Now, with our guided brushstrokes–Lantern Lake paint by numbers kits- you no longer have to imagine it. 

color by number painting kit

Harmony Of Sunset Paint By Numbers

The calming tranquility of a beautiful sunset can be yours all day long with the Harmony of Sunset kit. This keepsake is the perfect solution for adults who need to relax after a long day. 

personalized paint by numbers

Floral No. 61 Paint By Numbers

For the more abstract-oriented individuals, the Floral No. 61 is a perfect embodiment of abstract art and nature. 

paint kits for adults

Trippy Floral Ensembles Paint By Numbers Kit

Continuing with the abstract concept comes trippy floral ensembles. Create vibrant optical illusions that will surely be a topic of discussion.

paint by numbers custom 

Green Library Retreat Paint By Numbers Kit

We suggest the Green Library Retreat for cozy and comfortable. Nook yourself in a scenery surrounded by books and greenery with this paint by numbers set. Perfect paint by number kit to enjoy drinking a cup of chocolate in a cold winter night.

paint by number kits for adults

Sunlit Tranquility Paint By Numbers Kit

This stunning masterpiece is the quintessential turn-of-the-century art that was everywhere during the American period of the worker's rights movement, as symbolized by John Steinbeck.

custom paint by numbers kits

Floral No. 63 Paint By Numbers Kit

As part of our Best paint by numbers kits in 2024, Floral No. 63 adds a mysterious feel to the abstract concepts seen in our other Floral selection. 

paint by number sets

Cozy Corner Paint By Numbers Kit

For that lazy, intellectual Sunday vibe, our Cozy Corner selection is ideal for creating a sense of tranquility and creative stimulation. 

paint by numbers kits for adults

Colorful Bouquet Paint By Numbers Kit

If you’re looking for a beautiful bouquet that can be painted and hung to add some color to any surface, then our Colorful Bouquet is the ideal color by numbers set. 

color by number painting kit

Mediterranean Bouquet Paint By Numbers Kit 

For the world traveler, the Mediterranean Bouquet is perfect to commemorate the region's beauty. It’s sure to be a reminder of memories the world over. 

paint by number paint kits

Whimsical Fields Paint By Numbers Kit 

This is one of the favorite paint by numbers kits for adults to create a sense of wonder and is sure to spark conversation about the world around us and our role in it. 

Best paint by numbers kits in 2024

Abstract Mountain Harmony Paint By Numbers Kit 

In the style of mid-50s Japanese art and American painter Dion, Abstract Mountain Harmony will bring a sense of an easier time in yesteryear. 

best paint by numbers kits for adults

Floral No. 62 Paint By Numbers Kit 

This unique painting by numbers set is perfect to create the aesthetic of elegance and high-minded fashion. 

paint by number sets

Nightfall Pines Paint By Numbers Kit 

Drift out among the pines in winter and unwind. Or, if that’s not an option, then Nightfall Pines makes our list of the best paint by numbers kits in 2024 to ease the wanderlust. 

best paint by number kits

Luscious Bouquet Paint By Numbers Kit 

Create breathtaking scenes for any entryway, bedroom, or hallway with the Luscious Bouquet kit. 

paint by number sets

Rainy Coffee Shop Paint By Numbers Kit 

One of our favorite paint by numbers kits for adults is Rainy Coffee Shop, which draws the viewer into Noir-inspired coffee shop imagery. 

paint by number kits for adults

Waterfall Cove Paint By Numbers Kit 

For the outdoorsy individual, we recommend Waterfall Cove. This kit will take you back to hidden waterfalls in unspoiled forests from the comfort of your home.  

Best paint by numbers kits in 2024

Numeral Elegance Paint By Numbers Kit

Capture the beautiful elegance of a ballerina with the Numeral Elegance kit, perfect for any little girl’s room, bathroom, or bedroom. 

paint by number sets

Bubbly Moon Evening Paint By Numbers Kit

For the more comic book-inspired, Bubbly Moon Evening will provide a Seth McFarlane-esque aesthetic for any room. 

Paint by numbers kits have gained popularity over the years as a relaxing and enjoyable way to engage in art. Artistic expression is a form of giving voice to your innermost thoughts but also a form of self-care. 

In fact, studies link the creative arts such as dancing, singing, and painting as a vital component of mental health and has shown to improve moods, boost self-esteem, strengthen cognitive abilities, and be a great source of relaxation. 

Some of the noted health benefits from creative arts like painting include:

  • An increase in serotonin levels–essential to boosting moods.
  • More blood flows to parts of the brain that are associated with happiness and pleasure.
  • Create and foster new pathways of thinking.
  • Enhance a more hopeful outlook.

Even though research has shown the benefits of painting, many people may feel that they don’t have the experience or understanding to paint, making them hesitant and uncertain about how to begin. 

So, to help you begin your creative journey, at Craftoria Store, we believe that painting is something for everyone at every age and every ability, which is why it’s never been easier than with our paint by numbers sets. These kits provide both a form of therapeutic expression but also allow individuals of any skill level to create stunning keepsakes. 

As we step into 2024, we've searched all around to bring you the ultimate list of the 23 best paint by numbers kits to motivate, inspire, and elevate your artistic activities. Whether you’re a seasoned professional artist or a novice just starting to explore your creative side, these 23 best paint by numbers kits of 2024 will provide you with hours of joy and relaxation long after they’re completed.

If you’re ready to quickly and easily create beautiful-looking pieces of art to hang or gift to a special someone, at Craftoria Store, we have the paint by numbers set that’s a great way to relax and boost your mood, all while learning to pick up a new skill. 

Ready to get started? Browse our catalog, where we release a new paint by number kit every week! 


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